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14 Ideas for the Last 14 Days of Summer

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

How to Enjoy the Last 14 Days of Summer!

As we checked the mail last week, we couldn’t help but feel excited as we scanned the red flyer inviting our family to Open House. For our family, this will be our very first experience with our children attending school. But as a former teacher, I couldn’t help but think of all of the hard work that will go into setting up a classroom and preparing for the first day. Then it hit me, TIME IS FLYING and summer is almost over. Although we “grownups” will all look forward to a little more free time, there is still a small part of us that is a little sad that these longer days are about to get pretty busy. As offices open and school begins, it’s important to create a few lasting memories. So here are our 14 ideas for the last 14 days of summer vacation.

1. Well of course the first thing we are going to recommend is to BOOK AN UP OWL NIGHT SLEEPOVER ADVENTURE! Remember you don’t need an actual birthday to book an adventure. Throw an end of the year slumber party and let the kids stay up OWL night. Many times, we see families book adventures for just their children or their cousins too. Other times, parents like to include a themed adventure to keep the kids busy with their grandparents or baby sitter. Whatever the reason, sneak an adventure into your plans and surprise the kids!

2. GET IN THE KITCHEN. Brainstorm something super fun to bake or cook as a family. Not good at baking? No need to worry, Publix keeps popping up with boxed baking mix BOGOs. Sometimes they even include the frosting! There is also a new premade cookie dough in the refrigerated section that is 100% allergy friendly. Whichever you decide to make, make sure to take a picture!

3. HAVE A WATER DAY. With all the red tide popping up on our Florida Beaches, why not create a water day at home? Get creative with some of the things you have at home such as the sprinkler or buckets. Or take a trip to the Dollar Tree. They have long and short water shooters, water rackets, buckets and goggles, all great to keep the kids entertained.

4. USE UP THOSE PASSES. It’s hard to live in Florida and not have an annual pass or know someone with an annual pass to at least one of the local attractions. Take a day to visit one! We have so many in our backyards. Whether it be the zoo, the aquarium, Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Legoland, Universal, or a children’s museum. No pass or guest pass? Check out the free days! For example, every Tuesday at the Glazer Children’s Museum is free!

5. DO SOMETHING NICE. Ever heard the phrase “kindness is contagious?” This is part of the reason we started our company, to spread kindness and bring joy to our community. Brainstorm with your children on ideas of kind things to do. My kids love to write letters. The other day they asked if they could make a picture and write a letter to our local librarian. I agreed and as went to get more of our books they handed the letter to the librarian, a big smile came upon her face. She then was very cheerful and went searching for something nice to do for my children, she found a bin of stickers and shared one with each of them. Although both were small gestures, they made everyone happy in that moment. Ask your children what they can do and help them do it!

6. HAVE A MOVIE DAY. Did you know that many of the movie theaters are open again? Check the local listings for times. Or host a movie day at your home. Walgreens and CVS are our one stop shops for snacks for movies. Let the kids load up on their favorite candies, while you grab the popcorn, then host a movie day.

7. SWIM OR SPLASH. If you own a pool, put together a list of fun games to play in the pool. Such as Marco-Polo or pool volleyball. Or schedule a day to visit your community pool. Have the kids get ready first thing in the morning, this way if things get busy before, it's easier to walk out the door. Also check for the nearest splash pad, pack a bag, and head on over.

8. MINI GOLF. This option is recommended for the morning or later in the day! Putt-putt in Florida can get super hot. Luckily most places sell water or ice cream to cool down!

9. CRAFT DAY. Pick up a few small things such as feathers, google eyes, colorful cotton balls, paint, glue, and popsicle sticks. Hand it all over to your kids, with paper plates or paper and let the art begin. Another favorite is making a bird feeder out of a water jug. For quick easy steps click here.

10. ICE CREAM DAY. Plan a time to go to your local ice cream shop or better yet make your own! My mother’s recipe includes rock salt, milk, sugar, and ice and Tupperware! You can find a similar nostalgic recipe here.

11. FIND A PARK. Finally go to that park you have driven by so many times and let the kids play. Or go to that park you used to visit, but may not have been to in a while. Remember to take a picture, because time is flying!

12. KIDS CAR WASH. This idea speaks for itself and is a great way to get your car clean and cool off!

13. PLANT A GARDEN. One perk of Florida summers is the daily rain and sunshine. Why not plant a small garden and watch it grow? We have found the easiest things to grow are the starter plants from Lowes or Home Depot. We have had the most luck with basil, parsley, peppers, and oregano. Or better yet grab those pumpkin seeds now to grow a fall harvest!

14. FAMILY TIME. Last but not least is family time. We love just sitting and talking with our children. Don’t forget the power of simplicity. Some of the best moments come from being home!

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WOW! Thank you for these great ideas. I’m going to print them and ask my grandkids to pick their favorite. I know we‘ll all have fun because they get to pick the activity. Thanks again. You’re awesome!

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